On-demand webinar: How ZOE protects the world’s largest COVID-19 symptom study

Update: you can watch this webinar on-demand.

At Sqreen, our mission is to democratize security. As part of that, we love sharing the stories and learnings that our customers have. Next week, we’re excited to host Julien Lavigne du Cadet, VP of Engineering at ZOE, on our upcoming customer webinar — Application security at scale: How ZOE protects the world’s largest COVID-19 symptom study.

Launched in March, ZOE’s COVID-19 symptom study is the world’s largest of its kind. With more than 4 million users, of which 1 million + signed up in the first 36 hours, this study is helping doctors to understand the disease in more detail, better treat patients and accelerate developing a vaccine. With such sensitive PII – particularly with the threat of malicious actors, application security was critical.

The webinar is happening on August 25th and 8am PDT. In the webinar, David Chao, Sqreen’s VP of Marketing, and Julien will discuss ZOE’s story and learn about:

  • How ZOE rapidly scaled application security, setting up Sqreen in less than 1 day
  • ZOE’s approach to delivering Defense in Depth with Sqreen and a WAF
  • Application security best practices for Engineering leaders

Register for the webinar here

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