Three reasons to attend Sqreen Summit 2020

Sqreen Summit 2020 is happening on October 29th. Running from 8am-9:30am PDT, this free virtual event is all about application security, and how to approach it to get the visibility and protection you need in today’s changing world. Featuring speakers from Sqreen, AppDynamics, Greylock, and more, Sqreen Summit 2020 will cover a range of security-related topics. So why should you consider attending?

You’re interested in security for your applications

Over the past years, the application layer has increasingly become the most critical layer for security. However, the right approach for properly securing applications is not always obvious. It’s an area that we’re often missing visibility into, with many competing means for handling it.

Can application security testing catch enough pre-production? Are WAFs accurate and comprehensive enough to properly identify attacks in production? What’s the best way to quickly identify vulnerabilities and remediate them?

At Sqreen Summit, get an overview of how application security is changing, how to bring more visibility into the security of your applications, and what that could mean for you as you handle the security of your own apps.

You’re interested in security for yourself

For many people, security is a fascinating space. If you’re security-minded, there will be a session on the changing role of the security engineer at Sqreen Summit. Featuring Jacolon Walker, former CISO and security engineer at Collective Health, Opendoor, and Palantir, this fireside chat will explore the changes he has seen in the industry, how that has impacted his role, and how he has thought about career success.

You’re interested in seeing what’s going on at Sqreen

At Sqreen Summit, we’ll be sharing the latest features and developments from the Sqreen team, with demos on all the latest and greatest. See what we’re up to at Sqreen and how you can leverage it to better identify, monitor, and protect your applications.

Check it out

We hope you’ll join us at the very first Sqreen Summit on October 29th and take away something interesting. Register here today

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