Sqreen’s got a new logo, what?

So, you may have noticed—we’ve got a new logo. And a new color, several new colors in fact. We’re in the process of rolling out the new logo and colors now (please let us know if you see anything out of place!).

You can download our new logo and other brand resources here.

Yes, but what does it mean?

Ah, we’re pleased you asked! Sqreen lives inside your application, giving it the ability to defend itself from attacks. We’re the radioactive spider to your Spider-Man. So, imagine if you will, that the cube in our logo is your application, and the sphere living inside of it is Sqreen. Get it?

 Is that color blue or violet?


In fact, the color is indigo, which is situated neatly between blue and violet in the color spectrum.

You have stickers, right?

Yeah, of course we do!

Just drop us a line if you want some for yourself.

Glad you asked. Here! We’ll be rolling out our brand guidelines in the coming weeks too.

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