Sqreen in the finals of TechCrunch Startup Battlefield

TechCrunch Battlefield https://techcrunch.com/2016/09/12/announcing-the-startup-battlefield-of-disrupt-sf-2016/

Security Today

At Sqreen, we believe that security is not adapted to modern software development. Developers today have easy and powerful developer tools for almost everything. They can provision apps in 1 command with Docker, deploy them in 30-second with Circle-CI, automatically scale with AWS and monitor their performance with New Relic.

Dev Tools Today

But Security was left behind. Current solutions work asynchronously of modern continuous deployment workflows. They report too many false positives, require too much maintenance/configuration, or don’t provide any actionable remediation information. That’s why a lot of developers today don’t even use any solution to protect their applications against attacks.

Security Today

What is Sqreen?

At Sqreen, our vision is to provide a powerful but easy-to-use security solution for every developer to use.

Sqreen is an automated and continuous security solution for developers. It protects web applications with no source code modification or traffic redirection. Once deployed, the solution provides real-time monitoring and protection against a large set of vulnerabilities incl. SQL/command injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), data exfiltration, etc.

Sqreen in the finals of the TechCrunch Startup Battlefield

Sqreen was selected among 22 other companies from close to 1000 startups, to participate in the Disrupt SF 2016 Startup Battlefield. The Startup Battlefield brings the world’s top startups together on one stage to compete for the coveted Disrupt Cup. The judges include TechCrunch editors as well as top VCs and entrepreneurs. Past participants include companies like Dropbox, Trello, Fitbit, Mint, Yammer, Zenefits, and more.

We presented our technology at the Disrupt SF 2016 Startup Battlefield and ended up going into the finals of the competition. An article describing our presentation can be found on the TechCrunch Website.


Signup Today on our website to easily protect your application against all major vulnerabilities. It only takes 30 seconds, and no configurations or maintenance are required.


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