Introducing the AppSec Builders Podcast

I’m very excited to announce that I am launching and hosting AppSec Builders a podcast created especially for practitioners building modern application security.

Today, the security podcast world is filled with a broad spectrum of shows covering topics from high-level executive discussions and career development, to narrow technical subjects. I created the AppSec Builders Podcast to give application security practitioners a place to share their knowledge building the best possible security defenses at speed and scale. I hear from dozens of leading AppSec teams in the software engineering industry every day that they are looking to better understand industry best practices. With the AppSec Builders podcast, I know that aspiring teams will use these candid conversations as inspirational drivers for creating a safer and more reliable internet.

Our podcast goes beyond tired topics, like the OWASP top 10, and focuses on topics security experts crave, like deep discussions on lesser-known classes of vulnerabilities, real-life case studies of building and scaling a modern app sec program, and practical advice on how modern companies are solving complex AppSec challenges.

Each episode will showcase an application security expert and will deep dive into a specific focus area where we will define the problem from a technical standpoint and provide actionable next steps for solving the problem at scale. AppSec Builders promises to bring a diverse group of practitioners and experts and will strive to feature voices that are not often heard in the security industry.

In our inaugural episode, I’m sitting down with Tanya Janca, founder of WeHackPurple, to discuss her expertise in solving for Race Condition vulnerabilities during her career as both a software engineer and application security professional. We spend some time talking through the most common types of Race Conditions, review a few real-world hacks and vulnerabilities, and present actionable tips security and technology teams can take to address this class of vulnerability. 

I hope you enjoy the conversations! If you’re interested in joining as a guest or would like us to discuss a specific topic contact us at or on Twitter @appsecbuilders.

Listen to our first episode “Solving Race Condition Vulnerabilities with Tanya Janca” and subscribe to our mailing list to get updates on new guests, episode resources, and new episode reminders here.

About AppSec Builders:

AppSec Builders features practical and actionable conversations with application security experts and practitioners. Topics range from understanding and solving classes of vulnerability, building protections to efficiently scale with your business, and core best practices to strengthen your security posture. AppSec Builders is hosted by Jb Aviat, CTO, and co-founder at Sqreen and former Apple Red Team member where he acted as a reverse engineer, pentester, and developer.

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