Heroku Security Add-on: Protect your app from attackers

Heroku Security Add-on - Sqreen

You use Heroku because you want to get your apps into the cloud without having to worry about the hassles of infrastructure. Unfortunately, you haven’t been worrying too much about security either. It’s OK, we get it—web app security is hard to get right, and you have better things to focus on. The Sqreen add-on in the Heroku Marketplace means you can have your application security, and still have plenty of time to focus on ~Mario Kart~ your product.

Sqreen lives inside your web app, and constantly watches for suspicious security behavior. Your Heroku security is now taken care of. With the Sqreen add-on installed, you can:

  • Detect suspicious activity before breaches happen
  • Block attacks in real-time
  • Detect attackers early
  • Protect your customers
  • Stop worrying about security patches
  • Prioritize your security efforts
  • Frictionless vulnerability remediation
  • Easily enforce security headers

In just a couple of clicks, Heroku users can now protect their Heroku applications. Let’s see how!

How to get started with Sqreen on Heroku?

  1. Log in to your accountHeroku Login
  2. Head over to the Sqreen Add-on page and click on “Install Sqreen”Sqreen Add-on on Heroku PAAS
  3. Select the app to install Sqreen on
    Install Sqreen on Heroku
  4. Select your plan (Sqreen is currently Free)Heroku Select your plan
  5. Follow the instructions on the documentation page to install the Sqreen agent in your app
  6. Click on the Sqreen Add-on to check your Dashboard and see the threats that Sqreen identified and blocked

Sqreen App


Questions? Feedback? Let us know! And help us spread the word about Sqreen:


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