Announcing Node.JS + Python support and a new interface

What is Sqreen?

Sqreen is an automated and continuous security solution for developers. It protects web applications with no source code modification or traffic redirection. Once deployed, the solution provides real-time monitoring and protection against a large set of vulnerabilities incl. SQL/command injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), data exfiltration, etc.
You can learn more about how Sqreen works on this page.

We have several exciting news to announce today! We worked hard the last couple of weeks to introduce a couple of great improvements to Sqreen.

Python & Node.JS support

After launching our Rails support a couple of months ago, we are excited to announce that Sqreen is now also publicly available for Python and Node.JS applications.

We made the installation just as easy!

A Redesigned Interface

We are proud of the reception that Sqreen received from the Ruby on Rails community. Using the feedback gathered from our clients, we completely redesigned our dashboard. We cut through the noise and made it easier for developers to understand what really matters.

We introduced risk levels on every attack that Sqreen detects. Low-risk attacks represent basic security scanners or bots that scan your website for non-relevant vulnerabilities. Medium and High-risk attacks, on the other hand, are attempts to perform more advanced injections, XSS attacks, etc.


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